1. There’s an amazing collection of vintage vinyl here.

  2. I counted these chickens because they’ve already hatched. (at East Calais, VT)

  3. Free upgrade on the car rental. I complained anyway because I didn’t like the color. (at Downtown Brattleboro)

  4. More enormous Russian pastries at the beach. Two seagulls circled me like sharks until I finished eating this one. (at Brighton Beach Area)

  5. When someone says, “go fly a kite,” we take it literally. (at Brighton Beach New York City)

  6. The Russian version has an exclamation point. NOT FAIR. (at The Boardwalk @ Brighton Beach)

  7. In case you were wondering, these are totally disgusting. (at Duane Reade 404)

  8. STOP HAUNTING ME is an original half hour comedy series that I created and wrote based on my improvised short THE TASTE OF COFFEE. I developed the project in the class HOW TO PITCH AND SELL TV SHOWS taught by James Murray of NorthSouth Productions and the hit television series IMPRACTICAL JOKERS.  In May and June of 2013, I shot a low budget version of the pilot that starred Geoff Grimwood, Isabelle Owens and Phil Casale.  It also featured Charla Lauriston, Chris Luther, Paul Wielunski, Julie Sharbutt and Greg Boz.  Now in July 2014, I’m releasing it.

  9. Roller skating tonight. So far, I’ve only had one crazy bad fall that everyone around me laughed at. (at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2)

  10. I’ll pass, but wouldn’t turn down a peanut butter and grass jelly sandwich. (at M2m Mart Corp)

  11. How do you know if something really happened if you don’t take a selfie? (at Williamsburg Waterfront Piers)