1. Every time I get a really bad migraine, I’m always starving afterwards. Just polished off a plate of chicken sate. About to demolish this donut, which doesn’t even look that good. (at News Bar Cafe)

  2. Actors in the foreground and the background. (at Greenpoint Playground)

  3. Today’s shoot is about to begin. (at Greenpoint )

  4. Packed house at the Bad Film Fest last night.

  5. What a fun night screening “The Bachelorette Party” to a packed house at the Bad Film Fest. Thanks again to Shawn and Starr for programming our little short! (at Cloud City)

  6. In case you missed Shawn Wickens and I on “Brooklyn Live” yesterday as we talked about the Bad Film Fest and “The Bachelorette Party,” the short I directed and which stars Matt Kaplan and Charla Lauriston, here’s some video of it.

    "The Bachelorette Party" is having its world premiere at the Bad Film Fest this Saturday, April 12th at Cloud City in Williamsburg at 9pm.  Please come by and support the movie and watch a bunch of other great shorts.

  7. Holy moly, this is fantastic. Diabetes on a plate. (at Junior’s Restaurant)

  8. Turkey Reuben. I’m dipping it in the Russian dressing. Awesome. (at Junior’s Restaurant)

  9. It’s a beautiful day to be on a segment of Brooklyn Live. (at BRIC House)

  10. Oliver’s thinking about Party Mix. (at Greenpoint )


  11. "In pop culture, “number one fan” is usually code for “celebrity stalker” (i.e. Annie Wilkes in MISERY or the scores of Sandy Bates fanatics in STARDUST MEMORIES). That plot device gets turned on its ear in “The Bachelorette Party,” an enjoyable comedic short directed by Mark Feinsod starring Charla Lauriston and Matt Kaplan. Former child star Matthew Craig Bennett (Kaplan) tries to restart his acting career as an adult by enlisting his number one fan (Lauriston) for help. In this case, it’s the fan that is the voice of reason."

    (Source: addtoany.com)